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Trash Removal

The city does NOT provide a trash disposal service for the residents of Stanley.  The city does provide trash receptacles in the park for the convenience of those who picnic or recreate in the park.  The city also has a dumpster by the community building which is only for trash from the city office, the trash receptacles in front of or inside the SSCC visitor center, and community building or park renters for meeting or events.  The control of that dumpster is the responsibility of our city maintenance employees and the city police officer. 
As a business or resident in Stanley, you must contract with either of the trash collection services that serve Stanley, Blue Mountain Refuse Inc. or Clear Creek Disposal to pick up and remove your trash from your home or place of business.
The Custer County Transfer Station west of town on Highway 21 is currently closed with no immediate plans to reopen.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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