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WELCOME to the City of Stanley.  If you are a resident of Stanley, we encourage you to use this website as a resource to stay in touch with your city government.  If you are a visitor to our area, welcome! We hope this website provides you valuable information to enhance your experiences in the Sawtooth Valley and surrounding wilderness areas.

Your City Officials


Steve Botti


Seat 1: Kim Hernandez

Seat 2: Tim Cron

Seat 3: Laurii Gadwa, Council President

Seat 4: Gabriel Cardoso


City Clerk/Treasurer: Jen Hayes;

Maintenance Manager: Kimberly Peters;

Treasurer: Kenneth Carlsen;

Grooming Manager: Gary Gadwa;


The City of Stanley does not currently have a police department. Police coverage for the city is provided through an agreement with the Custer County Sheriff's Office.

In an emergency, please call 911.

In the event of a violation of federal, state, or county law; or of city ordinance, please call the Custer County non-emergency dispatch number: (208) 774-3327.

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